Out to Water, Into History

This project aims to offer a safe and attractive green route enabling access to and from Rushden to the River Nene and the newly-built Rushden Lakes complex. As a result of the new complex, a bridge will be built across the A45; the existing stretch of Greenway will be extended to meet the bridge and within Rushden town to extend access up to the properties originally built for boot and shoe workers.

Signposting, interpretation boards, a mural and a locally derived “welcome” installation will be features included in the project. Artcodes technology will invite people to explore further along the route. A “Friends of Greenway” group will be created to ensure this asset is maintained; students from Moulton College will be given the opportunity to input into the landscaping of the project using heritage materials; links will be forged with Crown Park businesses to sponsor events and activities along the Greenway in the future; tree and eco-surveys will be undertaken and a foraging/cookery project will be delivered.  To find out more about this project please visit East Northamptonshire Council's website.

This short video describes 'Out to Water, Into History' in more detail.