Investing in Skills

Investing in Skills plans to provide a programme that can offer the most effective training and education for the sustainability of the projects and the communities they impact, as well as providing support for people working within the scheme by developing skills and opportunities to access professional development and higher level qualifications.

Training grants within this programme have been developed though consultations with our wider partners who highlighted key training needs amongst volunteer groups.

The University of Northampton is a designated Changemaker campus and as such provides a key outlet for students of multiple disciplines to engage with heritage and the Nene Valley in a unique way and Nenescape can help meet the need for students to access a variety of ‘on site’ work experience.

Nene Park Trust has a long-standing record for investing in trainees and apprenticeships and the large estate can offer access to a mixture of natural conservation opportunities as well as Roman archaeology, the former estate of Milton family, the ferry bridge and the Nene Valley Railway on their doorstep. Therefore, Nene Park Trust have offered to host apprenticeship places to support the training need in the area. In addition, Rockingham Forest Trust at Stanwick Lakes will also provide some onsite opportunities for these apprenticeships to broaden their experience of heritage management.