Settlers of the Nene Valley

Settlers of the Nene Valley, led by Rockingham Forest Trust, project explores and celebrates the 4,000+ years of settlement in the central Nene Valley, and focuses on making its rich history real for local people. In imaginative ways which involve and inspire, the project will create a better understanding of how successive settlers changed the valley, what can still be seen of this today, and what can be learned from them. Activities, events and practical learning experiences for communities and primary schools will focus on three key aspects of the Nene Valley’s heritage: the journeys settlers made, where and how they lived, and what we can learn today from past settlers.

Whether re-creating dwellings and daily life, or exploring the changing cultural beliefs and lasting effects on the landscape, the project will provide immersive heritage experiences: Roman cookery demonstrations, building a multi-era barn and learning timeless skills such as blacksmithing are just some of the activities which will be on offer.

The project is being undertaken by Rockingham Forest Trust, an environmental charity which has been connecting people and places for over 20 years. Our vision is: 'to bring wide-ranging community benefits through creating and conserving special green spaces, and exploring local heritage, in ways which educate, involve and inspire'. The Trust is based at the beautiful Stanwick Lakes, where many of the activities will take place.

Find out more about this project with this two-minute video clip