Oundle International Festival - Big Bach Walk steward

Project name - The Big Bach Walk. Read more here.

Organisation name - Oundle International Festival

Title of role - Steward

Main objectives - Organise and/or walk with anyone who chooses to accompany William Whitehead on the various stages of The Big Bach Walk from Towcester to Peterborough 4 – 13 July 2018

Tasks and activities - Assemble and supervise walkers joining the walk at various locations.
Walk the route sections with William Whitehead and anyone choosing to accompany him.
Give general information about the walk. Help transfer William Whitehead’s luggage between locations (if willing and able)

Reporting to Oundle International Festival 01832 274919, Rowan Riley 07710 447548, Kenneth Richardson 07713 487205

Location - Various locations between Towcester and Peterbrough, largely along the Nene Way. See www.oundlefestival.org.uk for full description of The Big Bach Walk and the route. Please discuss with organisers.

Work hours - Varied, timing details on website

Skills/attributes/experience desired

  • Ability to organise people in groups.
  • Cheerful demeanour.
  • Enjoy walking.

Training provided? - Briefings on the day will be given by festival organisations

Any other relevant information - Walking sections vary between 3 and 12 miles.