Events volunteer at Stanwick Lakes

‘Event Volunteers’ will help with setting up and delivery of the annual heritage events, and any other events/activities that require additional resources. The volunteers will help with signage, displays and activities on the day.

All volunteers will be provided with an induction; this will vary depending on the type of volunteering and the activities they will be involved with. Health & Safety will be a priority within the inductions, reflecting the nature of the activities that many of the volunteers will be involved in.

All volunteers will also receive training appropriate to their roles and activities, this will be provided by project staff or by external trainers delivering project activities. Most of the volunteer activity days focus on training people in building and occupational skills from various historic periods. Risk Assessments will be carried out for all activities.

Rockingham Forest Trust’s employment and public liability insurance policies will cover all volunteers, and the activities provided by the project. (For the past 3 years the Trust has provided skills courses for adults and young people and the policies were updated to cover this work)