'Out to Water, Into History' making Greenway a brighter place

Over the last year, the team at East Northamptonshire Council have improved the Greenway in Rushden in several ways. Working with people from the local area and contractors, wooden benches have been installed at intervals along the cycle and walking route, and inappropriate vegetation has been cleared along with a huge amount of litter. The poor quality vegetation has been replaced by native species of trees and flowering plants and the landscape will be carefully managed to support biodiversity and make the Greenway a more beautiful place to be.


The tunnel under Washbrook Road, through which the Greenway runs, has also had a facelift thanks to two local artists, who have created a mural form the designs of over 70 local schoolchildren. Taking inspiration frrm a range of Rushden landmarks, people and events, the mural brightens up the tunnel. At each end, historic images from Rushden will be added into the bridge’s parapets and a competition is underway to find the best pictures.

The work being done here is also supported by the ‘All Aboard for Rushden’ project which uses a new technology called artcodes to bring elements of Rushden’s history to life.