'Ice Age' advances

‘Ice Age to Digital Age’, Nenescape’s interpretation and research project is continuing to develop a view of both the current community value of the River Nene and its meaning to people in the past.

‘900 Voices of the River Nene’, a multi-media story gathering project has had a recent boost thanks to a community grant partnership with the boat-based social enterprise Dame Joody. This small amount of funding is being used to allow better public access onto Dame Joody’s narrowboat for showings of films from the ‘900 Voices’ archive. The first of these events was at the Northampton Mela at Beckets Park, and we are currently planning more dates for the summer.


A team of volunteers is receiving special training from Northamptonshire Archives Service’s Finds Liaison Officer, who delivers the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) for the county on behalf of the British Museum. Their role is to record small archaeological finds from the area, add them onto the PAS database and promote the Treasure Act to anyone who may make small archaeological discoveries, for example metal detectorists and landowners. The Finds Liaison Officer has been training our team to identify, measure and photograph a variety of pieces all found in the Nene Valley, and make that information accessible to the public through the PAS database.