Host of heritage highlights at Nene Park revealed

The land that Nene Park in Peterborough covers has long been recognised as a place of archaeological importance. People have lived and worked on that land for thousands of years and to date, no single document has brought together all of the features in the landscape that generations of people have left behind.

Thanks to National Lottery players, the National Lottery Heritage Fund has been able to support Walking in Time, a project based at Nene Park which will showcase its range of archaeology and make it far more accessible to a wide range of people. In order to bring together everything that is known about what lies on and under the ground in the park, Nene Valley Archaeological Trust were brought on board, and Dr Stephen Upex led the development of a heritage audit.

Download the heritage audit:

Download part 1

p.1 - 133, pdf 15MB

Download part 2

p.134 - 277, pdf 17.6MB


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