'Resilient River' flowing into next stages

Led by River Nene Regional Park, the Resilient River project aims to improve river habitats. A handful of sites have now been completed, including backchannel at Elton, Whitemills and Barnwell.

Improvements at Ailsworth are currently underway, with fencing to protect the riverbank complete and 100t gravel being added into the channel to provide fish spawning habitats and increase the speed of the flow.

Whitemills 1.jpg

At Nassington Backchannel, we have plans to hinge and pin overhanging trees on to the river bank to provide refuge and habitat, as well as securing them during flooding. There will also be fencing here to protect the bank from livestock, which can trample the banks bare, releasing sediment in the river system. At Barnwell Country Park, interpretation panels were installed in Spring to provide an educational platform for visitors to understand the importance of the works. We also have two wood carved benches in production and these will be installed so visitors can view the restoration whilst sitting on them.

River Nene Regional Park’s River Restoration Officer has also been trained in river habitat surveying by the River Restoration Centre, which gives him a qualification to enable him to undertake surveys of river environments.