'Settlers' making strides

At Stanwick Lakes, the ‘Settlers of the Nene Valley’ project is progressing well with a wide range of new developments.

The barn, which was built by volunteers and in a range of historic techniques, is now complete. The wooden-framed construction has traditional tiles on the roof, brickwork in the lower part of each wall and wattle and daub above.


Another team of volunteers have been busy in the garden next to the barn, which is planted with heritage varieties of fruit, vegetables and other plants that have all had important uses throughout history. The first crops have been harvested this summer and the garden has been protected with a traditionally constructed fence.


Children from primary schools in the local area have visited Stanwick Lakes to see the barn and garden, and have learnt about how people lived as far back as the Stone Age. Teachers have given very positive feedback and visits will continue in the new school year.


Stanwick Lakes is also hosting the Nene Valley Festival finale event on 22 September with a celebration event for the ‘Settlers of the Nene Valley’ project. There will be a team of re-enactors and plenty of opportunities to get up close to the histories of settlers.