'Walking in Time' moves forward

At Nene Park in Peterborough, the ‘Walking in Time’ project has reached several milestones.

The boardwalk along the Nene through Blue Bell Woods is now open, allowing visitors better access to the banks of the river without too much slippery mud. This 800m walk provides an important link in the park’s routes.


Nene Park Trust has linked up with RIvers of the World, an arts and education project led by Thames Festival Trust, to work with six schools and two artists to create work that links the schools’ local river with one in another country. This part of the project launches on 20 September.

Work is also progressing on the work at the Station Master’s garden at Castor, where the project team will be working with residents of Castor village to clear vegetation and replant it.

All of the work that Nene Park is doing with Nenescape will be celebrated with a special exhibition on 21 September.