Extracts of a Changing Landscape

'Extracts of a Changing Landscape' will use the work of John Clare and the natural and farmed environment in the Nene Valley to inspire a series of workshops that create space for participants to enjoy nature and literature through art with the aim of improving mental and social wellbeing.

John Clare, the 'peasant poet' was born in Helpston near Peterborough and died in Northampton. His life began at one end of the Nene Valley and ended at the other. Clare was an eagle-eyed naturalist and his work reflects the effects of the early intensification of farming, including the loss of several species of flora and fauna. He also wrote about himself, his health and his social place.

We will look to work with wellbeing advisors, creative practitioners and participants themselves amongst others to design a series of workshops that make use of the natural environment, bring John Clare's work to life and work towards producing a final piece for display to the public.

For more information about this project, which will be launching soon, please contact alison@rnrp.org