Friends of Barnwell Country Park - Music in the Park General Volunteer

Organisation name

Friends of Barnwell Country Park and Northamptonshire Country Parks

Title of role

Music in the Park - General volunteer

Main objectives

To ensure the day is enjoyed by all.

Tasks and activities

Help set up the afternoon before the event. Manning of Hidden Needs station. Visibility. Lost people station. Traffic and parking control. Help with break down at end of day. Assist with beer and cider sales. First aiders.

Reporting to

Matt Harrel: Senior Ranger

Mary James: Lead, Friends of Barnwell Country Park

Festival Leaders who will have short wave radio linkage to Matt and Mary


Barnwell Country Park visitor centre

Work hours

Day before event (5 July): 2 hours in afternoon

Event day (6 July): from 9 am to 6 pm overall. Volunteers on 1 or 2 hour slots.

Skills/attributes/experience desired

First aiders welcome. Otherwise no specific experience required. Social care expertise specific for Hidden Needs station – reporting to specific qualified member of team.

Training provided?

No specific training provided.

Any other relevant information

Date of event: Sat. 06/07/19. One day event. Event starts at 10:30am to late afternoon.